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Sunday, May 07, 2006


stuff from cspan

I am trying to tie what people are roleplaying to various stuff so this may be close or real far off base... j.d. is so stupid... (I am just trying to come close with what I saw on cspan). Mr burt stupik he is from michigan. A couple of other names that caught my eye are Roldan who does cybercrime for the fbi. I don't know if you can get k-dan from that and then you have the other graphiti k-od (dashes are not in what I see just there for the effect). There is another name that came up aa. general or assistant atorney general. Alice Fisher.. roldan is talking about a saudi that came over to do something to a child and the trouble they were having getting rid of child porn and how they are setting up the sites on cspan. You would have to go from that to a securities crime. Classicly they try to make the victem feel guilty like it is there fault (according to americas most wanted on fox who had the dallas police with the ATF on there show). They had another one who I believe is wanted by the f.b.i who is another polygamist but not saudi but church of latter day saints. I think the stats are about polygamy and the type of people who are involved in polygamy instead of just singleing out saudi arabians.. There is some sick people out there they even controled the local police department.

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