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Friday, May 05, 2006


suggests motorcycle wreck

Motorcycle ministry. He would do the faith healing and then talk about physisition heal thyself. He does look redder. The food being left looks dented and the shoes have wear on the top of the toe that would suggest a motorcycle (or bicycle). I heard I am roleplaying places where you can get food.. Church of acts and the catholic church. There is a first assembly of god and a temple between the two. The shoes aren't built for motorcycle you have to look at the toe for quality or qualities is better put. peeled the bottom of the shoe off.

are you statisticly more likely to find someone who is pysco when you are encouraging motorcycle use. possibly. I am not getting sued over it but ya if you roleplay morgan and you think more organs and then roleplay down to assisted real estate you could have one of the people around my apartment.

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