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Saturday, May 13, 2006


trash people...

It is possible that I could get backstabed because I don't drink. What they need is a privite contracter that gets half the difference between the dumspter costs and the price of all that cardboard and office paper. There is alot of air that is thrown away and the trash guy doesn't know how to park anyway someone will get hurt someday. A smaller less expensive dumpster that doesn't get emptied as often would be much better. I can take the recycleable plastic also if I get a ride home. One of us talks about how someone fell and then was just lieing there twitching because he fell off the dumpster. If the trash people kill my partner I have to walk home so I might as well get the money instead of the haulers.. I understand loss prevention may veto stuff like that.. I think rtf tags may be in thier future...

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