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Saturday, May 20, 2006



I unwound a very small amount of what I had.. It should help.. I haven't seen the effect yet. I am looking to see what I should unwind next. I don't have any guarentee about hours, I am hopeing I don't need to take any of my dividends out.. Looks like only $400 in cash flow it should be closer to $500 but you take what you can get.. First baseball game on fox was this weekend.. xmsr looked like pretty low key advertising on the pregame show..

As usual an idiot is over on saterday trying to debate state law with me. He has a problem with abuse, intimidation and deciet being part of the definition and he intends to be abusive about it in an ileagal way until the law changes.. real jackass who must not have anything better to do on saterday.

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