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Monday, August 07, 2006


circle k people in corpus christi abuse because they sold tobbaco to minors again

Title says it all. There is no job though to get fired from but they started being abusive again. Back in the old days when they had problems with 14 year old kids who went to desegrated school districts they would market tobbaco to them and sell them from the maverick market... I was calling around for jobs it appears that manpower has someone who sounds like the guy from the apartment complex who went from moody to being in a good mood after I called the cops...

No More Plumming snakes just pythons and boa-constructers... Realy it is the storm department we may not even have that sort of thing... Hopefully it didn't sound different than that.. Didn't mean people or anamals or however that sounded.. The white guy and jessie had a bottle of water that had a wierd taste to it.. Then we go to the safty meeting and they talk about breaking the water lines and getting sewage in them or some such thing that may have happened only once.. It was everest water and it looked like it was sealed.. almost 100 degrees may be melted plastic or something.. The tehano music ya it is just like the rock music turn it up whatever... They probily wouldn't mind working with software as a contracter.. If I was to ever do such a thing or get involved with sample disks again...

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