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Thursday, August 10, 2006


searhing for python stuff


arabic spellcheck project I was looking for the quote about blowing up pearl instilations worldwide seems like it came from a published programmer... I was told to go to airport road this morning. My boss is mark... That is intresting, and me now as part of the source should be protected.... lots and lots of hours.. I was asked about what street that is on on the bus.. airport road.. just a strange coincidence and maybe some satire. I did look for plummer and liquid plummer on speculation.
What would pm stand for??? The cwa people seem alright suprised me that they would represent manufacturing.. Natural gas prices are a real killer for us because they are a real killer for our customers probily not so much for our product but for construction. The usual problem makes raw materials higher, higher gas bills and higher electric bills. Not realy sure what happened yet when all the terrorists were running amuck probily find out tommorow morning in the paper...

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