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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


skills based program.... sbp

I am not realy intrested in talking about work but since there is alot of graphiti sep I will explore double meanings and possible cover stories there of since some have been stocks. It looks visable from the big trucks we run. It is right at you visable in your face on some of these signs. There is some talk about privitising.. They mean outsorcing I.E. you no longer do the job instead of ownership not to be confused with selling the plant to the public or someone else and keeping the job. A lot of assumptions were made about the trash buisness at $1.50 . Some of the jobs are never coming back I.E. some of the trash people but on the other hand there is new tek coming and just like any buisness you can't just cut costs to be "profitable" you have to expand the product line and revenue base per say. Alot of supply siders would say you should get rid of trash entirely but how praticle that is and at what cost is hard to say.. The exciting buisness of sewage.. Alot of stock scams and mis-information and then you have to think about what you have.. Gas, alot of organic material ie grass clippings and wood type products like tolit paper and other mis stuff. ethonal made from sewage is floating around in news stories on the web how much is real and how much is weird fiction is hard to tell. At $100 a barrel oil it is supposed to be worth it to grow algae from the nutrients in the sewage. What the cost is based on and how making oil from sewage in different countries is not realy available from what I have seen on the web at this time. Given iran and thier ambitions along with venezuala wanting more influence in the gulf of mexico may mean we are going to pay a high price regardless of how it is done..

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