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Thursday, September 21, 2006


angel marteniz derived classes....

It is a bar down morgan street... You have butch plumbing and then angels bar.. Someone has told me that the record company on staples is owned by marteniz.. I am not really sure if they are in business or not.. It is the temp company that reminded me about that and some of the people I was in contact with yesterday.. You are supposed to get rid of all of someone's references before you erase them. It is mentioned in reference to inheritence. One other batch or python routines that I am going to roleplay.. The slut package for python... It must of been when oil price were low.. Based on the glut package, with really cool graphics.. Looks very good..

I downloaded active states version of tcl. Doesn't look all that exciting. I couldn't get the vcl package that is linked from csound to work at all. There was a sound package that was released for python yesterday. I don't have any info about it except that it was released by ixi and they also have a graphics package that works with pygame and is being ported to wxwindows.. I have a job today, I think that will reduce my unemployment if I am eligible for it and I am not sure that I am..

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