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Saturday, October 07, 2006


alot of sexual abuse last night

I don't invite them in but I am getting alot of sexual abuse.. They are claiming it is about do not ask do not tell. I don't have any patience for it they are all homo's and now my apartment can be quiet since we have cleared that up. It is almost rape, It is forced audio sexual stuff it is sick warped micheal jackson type sexual stuff. No one should be forced to listen to perverts like this. One of them says they need proof. I don't believe it is necessary even the co has probily called them a bunch of women. This is just control of comunication crap.. Abuse and then someone offers to sell me drugs and what does that mean. There is a terrorist attack on the internet and then we go back to the drug thing if I talk about the control of comunication teknique if selling drugs I get retalitory abust. THAT IS CALLED A COVERUP. Where we have drugs because we want to blaim drug dealers. It is a coverup and it is amazing no one has got killed or injured me importantly because I will rip the hospital off and not pay them If I hear voices at night that keep me up.

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