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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


first impressions of Programming Python by mark lutz

One of the things I have noticed in the book that is python folklore

* Buses considered harmful *
* ************************************************

"The psa was originally formed in response to a thread on the python news-group, which posed the semiserious question what would happen if guido was hit by a bus?; Guido van Russum still manages most new developments in Python, but the psa and Pythons user-base still help support the language, work on extensions, exc. Given Python's popularity and the PSA infrastructure, bus attacks seem less threatening now; of course I can't speak for Guido"

That may be more than I should quote. It is about 850 pages and will run you about $8 including postage on ebay give or take a few dollars. It is a little dated but it may be help full for the fundimentals is one thing I noticed on page 18 that would seem to be helpfull in tutorials but this is the first time I have see this line

output = open(name + '.out','w')

It isn't obvious to new users how easy it is to add three to the end of the line without the need for a string first. exactly the sort of thing you would be glad to see in a how to program book.

I'll say more when I see more..

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