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Friday, October 13, 2006


l.k. jordan wants to deny me unemployement benifits

I can't tell if they are trying to play devils advocate with the unemployment system or if it is retaliation. The guy who claims he is the vice president called it welfare. A little of both I think, they are even misleading them on purpose. I would understand the union being mad about the way it is set up but I don't think they are doing the tax payers any favours either. If traffic is worth money on a per-each basses to monster.com and other companies why isn't the state doing something to grab cash out of what might be something worth over 100 million dollars. It looks like they are trying to run it badly so they can pay someone else and call it outsourcing (like monster.com). The federal government has it's chartered companies like freddy mac and sally mae exc.. How much is all the traffic worth to the tax payer... One of my two state chartered ideas the other is a penny or two on the gas tax to get non-crop burning alternative fuels.. A subsidy and a partnership with iogen and sewage to oil people...


I will fear no evil, I had to take sleeping pills last night to sleep because of the abuse in the apartment, and the fire alarm woke me up this morning. I am not sure why because I did not see or smell smoke carbon monoxide maybe. There is a rumor of a data-entry job from somewhere that pays decent... Look for a new csound routines for dex-tracker.... In case everything goes up in smoke...


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