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Friday, October 06, 2006


The proof of a coverup and more stuff about ccpd

There may be questions about what is being covered up the choices currently are a robbery by what may be a drug task force person in east st louis, selling tobbaco to 14 year old minors at carol high school, or this thing that looks like a tradable version of the world trade center bombing.. endless abuse I called the cops today and he is trying to insinuate that they are stupid and there is no way to arrest anyone. Even said I should go to the fcc... I was pissed.... I offered to take a lie detector test about the thing on the internet that looks like a terrorist attack to prove that it might be against fedral law and give the abusive persons a year in jail.. responce he is trying to play the control of comunication card and that they can allow whatever they damn well please.. Most of the time they pretend and go through the motions even though they don't entend to do anything but not today...

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