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Friday, October 27, 2006


Reasons why homeless people get hurt

I believe that some of the homeless people are getting hurt is that we have decided that we can harass people because we control communication and then interfere with their sleep. Around the apartment I am hearing sexual abuse and then appeals to join the priesthood. Whatever it takes to bankrupt them with the permission of the corpus christi police department. Just thing your city government endorsing the abusive actions of those who cause child molesters. Yesterday one started to get sexually abusive at a local elementary school. According to the voices I hear I am going to be homeless. This of course is the precursors to I am going to have a bill and not pay it. Followed by a catholic is going to loose his/her job... That is the two methods used by those who used to cell tobacco to minors at ccisd. Try to recruit priests in a sexually abusive way so that all their kids get molested and injure homeless people all with the permission of the corpus christi police department go figure.


This is from revelations somewhere I think. I am reminded of the Armageddon view of Irans leader and how homas was raising funds in Dallas. "There will be a great leader that is against kids" Maybe that is slightly off great and popular leader or whatever. He turned down 200 million dollars of federal funding. That leaves two leftists and one right wing drug addict that promotes Colombia's energy and drug policy. I voted kinky friedman on monday because of the religous add and the energy policy even though part of it is about crop burning.

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