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Saturday, October 28, 2006


stanger than fiction with will farrel

Normally I don't talk about movies but consider the physcology of it. Imagine someone who considers it amusing and is using audio harassment because they think it is amusing. Now they have a movie they can watch... It tells a story about a type of person and the sort of things they do in a fictional setting..

The common harassment I am hearing around the apartment that is stranger than fiction like is intense sexual abuse followed by you are going to be homeless. That is what I am hearing this morning anyway.

This is an interpretation in process... Alot this is still on some music sites although some of it is gone.

.... This isn't about the terrorist website completely check this out... This is a story about someone or someones view..
The website is crazy it couldn't possibly be true.. Check out all those redirections.. (only one for the hokey terrorist plot thing
slightly roleplayed maybe) So someone would naturally say the website is hokey... What else could be roleplayed into that.
That is all of the story that I have right now.. I may look further into the search engine for it see if they get a demoz list for it..

I am looking at python card and grid.py and then I do some errends this morning.. he didn't mean me and csound when he wrote the a book about csound describing eric and his orc (I am not spelling the rest) and persistance (he was talking about monty python) but I am going to make it true.. module is grid.py you wouldn't normaly know it was there because they don't have any examples for it. The downside is that you have to include python card.

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