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Thursday, October 05, 2006


stuck again and where I see sep in python code

Now I look at graphiti and compare it to python instructions $ that would be the end of the line in python re or regular expresions and sep is mentioned in the essential reference in split.

it goes something like this

split(s [, sep [, maxsplit]])

and then again in

splitlines and I see it in join on page 226.

If he does join or get any gov job he will take a lie detector test about all that graphiti so that probily isn't it. sep in this case is the in quotes ';' would seperate on that charecter. I don't have a clue on the line and am thinking

for word in line

should work the same as

for line in file

I was willing to go as far as

for char in word (for charecter in word)
if char = ';'

This is getting to complex and I think I will beat my brains against the regex, or re if you will or long hand as regular expressions for that one line. I may even compile it first...

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