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Sunday, November 05, 2006



This is a real company?? Or isit a free c compiler... Up where borland is a company that sells a compiler (I have at least three on my system) named aftera free c compiler is trying to sell travel. I didn't see anytravel to india though.. That wouldbe the ultimate in bad marketing.They call that free trade in the software buisnessSo the boston guy would say he doesn't like freetrade exc exc exc.. Then you get a free transitpass to do the public transpertation in huston including light rail most likely ..I think that includes rail..

It does remind me it would be stupid for me to not try to get certified for the software I am already using. I need to talk to someone about that tommorow. I started playing around with java today (again I did breifly look at borland jbuilder). It is not clear to me where I would get java beans and where I would place them If I found them.. Sun goes under all the java documentation dissapears.. well not all of it and someone paid for an alternative version for java but there is some risk. Turns out they charge $2500 for java certification (at least to be certified through sun). My java is to up to date for the classes.. That was strange...

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