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Friday, November 17, 2006


New Panda 3d by disney

I am looking at panda 3d by the disney people. python and c++ bindings, I didn't see rectangle they have point but no rectangle, what I was after was boom you get a box and then text in the box and not have to worry about a copywrite.. clearly not what they entended the software for. But something to practice with. Some of the stuff is beyond my graphics card. You can steal 3d pictures that are from maya and all those 3ds files (at least first impressions). I feel doomed though, I not sure why I was getting a different person everyday at the temp place, I always suspect it is the state reserves or something.. It seemed liked they were trying to hurt me or trying to have me hurt in unison to the crap around my apartment.
Back to the topic at hand, They have there version as ppython and I have no idea as of yet how they managed to get shortcuts without using batch files. You would type ppython myprogram.py or better yet open word pad up and save with the extention bat without formating. That comes out to 1kb whatever they did comes out to 2 kb but is more likely to work with the next version of windows. It is kinda a pain a bunch of command line programs for conversion and stuff it just cries out for a user interface to make it easier to use. Steve Jobs being the large shareholder that he is in disney probily has something like that for them (at least on the mac side of the computer). It does seem to be a little slow in python for the asteroids game but it realy isn't built for 2d if I understand what they are doing correctly.

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