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Friday, November 03, 2006


Java download marathon

I get some bad abuse today. I think it has something to do with the election that and the claim the abuse is about sex instead of race.. The guy at morgan building said some bs about not having any jobs besides sales job.. I just mention my school brown vs board topeka on my application I don't have to say anything else. The rest is the satanism stuff people do... The 666 racism stuff. It could have something to do with trying to infuence my vote. The b.s. you have to do for unemployment insurance plus the guy sounds like he is taking the drug addicts party view about involvement in any goverment progrom that gives out money or food as being bad.

Is one language better than another as far as opertunity.. No not realy different languages niches have different opertunities. Borland is a public company and it is notable that some of thier compition is free software such as gcc and sun microsystems (java netbeans). I have watched then go from $10 to around $5. One other thing I have noticed is that microsoft has become more and more complex as time has gone on. If I was betting on who or what would buy borland.. apple should be thinking about a buying spree... I don't know if borland fits the bill or not but I would think they should go after a game machine like nitendo.. Or sony if it became available.. Microsoft I don't know.. I understand why they would want something that is like java but is not java.. Contolling your own fate.. The other side of the coin is having a users base like they did when they grabbed python for .net. For jobs the training is probily better for c/java and they are simular, picking up something odd to add to it and some traffic is a fantastic extra skill and jython may be updated (or may be a good way to add to java).. I am just one debug away from having a new version of dex tacker out. I also ordered the disk and will be taking c and java classes along with whatever else I can take without paying for it... I noticed some csound program in java that I may want to use or for that matter take anything that isn't nailed down in, convert to c if that is possible and continue on my thieving ways.. Microsoft with radio... That isn't as far fetched as it seems but they may be looking at getting rid of brodcasting and internet... I have 260 total meg on my list and have at least 30 - 40 meg from complete java stuff I have downloaded. They have a c envirement that may or may not be good... I don't want to wait for the disk... I want it now... now... now

Kinky friedman on letterman wasn't last night I do believe it may be tonight... I am in danger of loosing the post so I am going to try to publish again..

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