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Friday, November 10, 2006


kep and other boring stuff

I have taken intro c and then the easist word module.. harrasment was realy bad last night but when I go through and take all the intro modules I am suspecting some overlap. c and java are good to lump together and alterenate and then all the modules that were sugested by the manpower woman. Looks like someone is gamming my software to 100 pageviews.. seems like an odd thing to do.. Hopefully a new version of dex tracker tonight.. I found a new place to announce the software. It is the ultimate in chip tune sites maybe I sould download some music from them... It is the great un-expored nitch for satalite or a radio network.. chip tunes plus programming...

More on kep... If you were to do a takeover of kep (in korea money) what could you do to unlock the cash and reduce the cost.. Spin off the oil and natural gas burning plants with a contract that encourages the spin off to replace them with alternative energy and other substitutes.. You almost need a policy where solar is required, not because it is the best energy available but because it is right there if there is a north korea attack.. Leveraged buyout the thing is at nine times earnings.. Surrounded on three sides by water a high tek country with a currency that is heading south.. That is an opertunity possilby..

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