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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Looks like my tenure at the american bank center is done for now. We switched back over to hockey last night. The janitor person is talking about how if you got a car then sperion can get you a job quickly or something like that. I was getting alot of harrasment about driving.. Really stong near the catholic church like it was from smith security. One of those harrasment thing to encourage homeless people to leave used for a new purpose.
The guy had a stroke, I don't know the situation surrounding his stroke but he is kinda young and there has been alot of abuse around the apartment about how people who don't drive not being able to take drug tests. It is just a short step from to injuring people is a way to fight the drug war because they drug test after someone is hurt. If the city wants to pay for it I don't have a problem with it but it sounds more like retaliation for not driving than it does anything resembling a drug war.
I found another place that helps with peoples python questions. This is a couple of his sites http://www.active.com/donate/tntga/withoutane http://cornerhost.com/ This is the place to ask your questions http://pythonista.org/

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