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Monday, November 06, 2006


manpower c training conspiracy.. woo.. woo..

Theres more after several hours of trying to download through the strange java thing they were doing I gave up and just started to use the online service but not befour I have a couple of bulls eyes things on my computer. Remember in journalism you can protect your sources.. GCC in houston (known in programming circles as a free c compiler) .. remember they give away free bus passes. You will notice them near manpower maybe not the first time the screen comes up in monster.com (my monster.com I think) They currently have a bbs where you can ask questions about the job...

This is from writing an ansi c program
One other thing I noticed when I was taking the tutorial is this line

You type on an object to see why it is incorrect
here is one..

3. char cr}

I would like to note if you turn it sideways (In the typeface used by the tutorial)
it does sort of look like a train... part of the message about why it is incorrect is
"Often, the only way to track down a compiler bug is through visual investigation."

The problem could be the bus as you will notice better from the picture it looks like it has a flat tire and you are going to be late to gcc as a result. If that doesn't scare you the thing comes up where it keeps saying UAE all the time (united arab emerates).. That doesn't mean anything in and of itself and keep in mind that the atf (tabbaco alc and firearms) wants to know when and where and that sort of thing.. Something like this that is roleplayed might be different things afterwards or may even be a complete hoax... The worst thing that could happen is that you learn c and they send someone back to india. The person from india may not like it but we have to protect ourselves :)

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