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Saturday, November 18, 2006


more on panda 3d

I have to say it looks realy cool but I have hit a few snags.. I did create a few batch files that were not a big deal but god only knows how to get your error from just flashing buy the screen realy realy quickly. Normaly I would just use idle but it would need to be a panda3d idle. I noticed that they also can use blender files with the x extension. I believe those are free and I look forward to using overkill for music software graphics.

I started to get alot of abuse around 5 oclock in the morning.. same stuff different day. logged on to the panda net didn't want any of the cars... pick all the panda's to log in no cars allowed. Looks like you can do animation for video with it and screen shots look realy realy easy. downside is some of the install issues but those can be fixed

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