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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


skillsofts c module

Do I recomend skillsofts c program as the first introduction to c. The answer to that is no.. Go out write something in c and ignore any thing or one who would tell you that you are good or bad at it and then take the skillsofts course. The manpower people told me I can only have two of them open at once. I supose it is one for me, and one for them (Realy both are for me but I have to worry about employment and will take one that she recomends). The non-coding part seemed like it might be harder than it had to be and through it all I did not find one terrorist. I was stucken by the looping structure in combination with the simple program example...

getchar; This gets a charecter from the keyboard

We ignore the rest of the simple commands in the example but mention the loops

do while (or do)

That is all I hear in the apartment is comments about why don't you getchar (o.k. why don't you get a car) and once in awhile I will hear stuff about doing something. If you want the contents excuted at least once then you do a do or do while statement. I was thinking about flat tire effect but realy there are simularities in different c type languages. c, java, cdl you can getchar but you can also ride the bus and watch the driver do the visual checking :)

I had to talk to someone named D. Doggett from Texas Workforce Commision yesterday. Wait till befour the election deny me my bennifits and assign the hearing on election day tuesday. I was expecting harrasment last night but didn't get it until this night (tuesday). Strange interviewing style you go entirely by memory with questions asked to fast to adequete. I am sure he slipped something by after I thought about it. He sounds like he is out of x-files and one of the things I noticed when I called is that the first time there was nothing and the second time someone picked up the phone but it did not ring either time. What you would normaly think is am I realy talking to them or is the phone hacked or whatever..

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