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Sunday, December 31, 2006


abuse stronger over the last two days

The verbal abuse is stronger over the last two days while it tries to claim it is vote buying and is complaining that I am not buying a car. I am reminded of the people shouting at the glass in a star track episode. They are horrible criminals and they are shouting all kinds of mean nasty things while they are imprisoned in a cube. I hear someone who is proud of his ability to be abusive. I am reminded that I should recycle the two old cell phones I have in the apartment. Maybe it is two late for me but if you donate your old phone it may save anyone this moron may date in the future from his abuse. Donations can be make at the Verizon wireless store near j.c. pennies in the mall.
I suspect that the resentment about riding the bus has something to do with Federal prisoners in the county jail and a desire by abusive people to sabotage county property and keep informants away from surveillance cameras. Strange game... I am going to try to move the directory of dex Tracker and use spawnve and such with the path to try to get the result I have been trying to achieve over the last week or so.. I am getting some sort of abuse that posting is not going to help me while I am thinking about it. Was realy strong yesterday when I suggested to one of the online spread sheets that they might consider making files seperated by spaces a spreadsheet format as well as seperated by comma's. There looks to be an online push in the spreedsheet and microsoft office clone app's online. How they intend to pay for it is another matter. For those of us at fixed locations it seems a bit silly even



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