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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Excuses about driving he says

Sounds like more of the usual abuse. A small chance of coincidede, abuse about getting rid of my excuses about driving. My faverite is the corpus christi police officer that instead of arresting the person harrasing me (like anyone can drive a car with that kind of abuse) instead slanders me and calls me a drug addict because he can be abusive (remember I went to brown vs board) and not be a racist. The city even drug tested me, where mr gambino who's game is more important than protect and serve is getting off on this garbage is comming from is anyones guess. You are supposed to harrass pedestians or it is a realy screwed up murder attempt with no car to have an accident in. The wierd part about it is that the safty of the people in corpus christi is not important because we look the other way when abuse puts an f150 with almost no breaks on the road. We pay our taxes so that we can have our police officers insist that someone who is being harrased drive with no sleep in a car/truck that will probily get tampered with. That is what being in law enforcement is all about puting people in danger at random because we have an excuse to. Makes you wonder what they are smoking and not one of my excuses for not driving has ever been prosicuted for it.

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