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Saturday, December 09, 2006


food alergies

It doesn't matter if I drive or not probily... I have told people about food alergies but maybe I have to give the benifit of the dout, Take as many as you want (he makes them himself and brings them from home). My eyes were bluring real bad befour I made it to the second floor, It's bulion or flavering packs from ramon noodles probily, I dout the coffee is strong enough to do that. Would be a suitable end to a realy bad year, not enough to kill me just a realy bad stroke. It would have been good to have taken some of the stuff to the food bank, or better yet timmons or the shelter down town. Sometimes it isn't good enough for 5 stars but it is fantastic for other people. The word is that there is probily more sinks than alot of housing charities (including military ones) would need in a lifetime. I don't know if stuff like that is deductable twice (after depreciation). I suppose there is an outside chance it was the coffee, I drank less than usual starting when I woke up at 2 am and then stopping at around 4:00, I got ready for work and then left at 4:30, I have to do the rest of the software anouncements and then a simple article for it tommorow probily. The chance of any interest isn't that good probily although I might want to try a different email adress, (except by my usual readers of course) I am ready to crash 5:00 pm is pretty late for me (odd as it seems). I got a haircut today because I have to look good for the boss, Somewhere closer to the better parts of the hell where I reside (been quiet lately something bad is probily going to happen)

I had heard something about alot of turnover at the hotel but to me it sounded like you could replace hotel with county jail and it would sound like people I have been reading about in the paper. Stories about beating up the customers sounds like the county jail and not the place they are talking about. I don't realy have the gist of it unless one of those loosers got a job in security somewhere.

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