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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


harrasment of airport employees

circumstantial evidence that someone is harassing low level airport employees. Most of the people I worked with look tired and I was harassed last night. I noticed something that can be used to play devils advocate with people in the office. If you do this and that you can get employees that are tested for this and that. Not the fault of the what you play devils advocate with more of what you would call a set of rules that can be used as a cover story. I was talking near the homeland security people about the abuse around my apartment. It is a security threat access to airport employees. The bus screams, literly, you can hear it screaming, Sounds like it needs oil or something way to metallic. Imagine taking the bus to the airport and listening to the screams. Last time I talked to a cop about the abuse I was getting I was called a drug addict and am getting alot of harassment still about driving (not a good idea with sleep deprivation from harassment). That is what the police department wants a bunch of people with sleep deprivation driving with you on the highway.


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