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Monday, December 11, 2006


more abuse about driving

I started to get more abuse about driving last night. Sounds like a black guy, just like I was getting at the omni on saterday. Devils advocate may work this way, talk someone into putting something I am alergic to in my food almost putting me in the hospital (Or the morgue If I eat enough of it). Complain that they do drug testing if I buy a car (through express temps). My boss had me doing something that I could take some time at and make the hotel look nice but it sounds like we are trying attempted murder without the car. circumstantial evidence of course. I think he was planning to keep me all night with the crap so I took a sleeping pill. I perfer not to do that, but the cops have decided on murder in an automobile (accident like without sleep) and claim they are powerless to drug test without it (That is why the cop called me a drug addict)

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