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Thursday, December 07, 2006


more work at the omni (and better yet more great food hopefully)

The word came in I can tie up my phone line. I am getting some more hours at the omni in corpus christi. It is almost insane how many lines of code and new features I have come up with but I have to wait a few days to release or it will probily annoy sourceforge. Here is a list of what is going to be in the much awaited version .11 of dex tracker. I am not even done yet you may get a better instrument code generator at least. The credit card bill that I always get harrased for getting either did not come or was stolin or something and there is a 93 cent charge that I didn't make. I am realy annoyed.

Dex Tracker beta .11 is out new features include a code generater for a simple sampler
utilities for combing all files in a .csd/.orc A utility to remove all instruments from a orc/sco
combination. The ability to place a help file in a .html or .txt file (other formats may be added
later). The ability to use the old winsound from csound 4 (some assembly required). A handfull
of instrumets that are already set up for use in the tracker. public domain tools Harmonise used
to generate score files and space a file generator to be used with gen28 and to be used with
csound opcode space are included in this version. csound command line help and csound
utility list have been added as tools along with the command line.

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