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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


tuesday morning

The absolute chick said she wanted me to call her something about the health department custodial stuff. without her mentioning it I would not have remembered seeing the truck tuesday. I heard a bunch of stuff on my walk tuesday.. Heavy around the school, I always want to cause more trouble there because it is the loudist. Close to where the harassment about driving was at down carol. I am harassed until I am in the middle of know where somewhere off agnus. My short term memory for Tuesday was rather screwed, Not able to learn a simple janitorial job (the first time) because of lack of sleep and harassment and then a 100 more lines of source code and more today. I was spaced for a few hours, I am not really sure how I unspaced somewhere near being up for 40 hours I unspaced.

I was hearing stuff about being depressed while I was walking down the outer road near the car lots. I drank a pot of coffee to try to stay awake before I left because of the abuse to keep me awake. I heard more sexual abuse so I smeared the police department gave the website www.dexrow.com loudly and loudly said Dex Tracker I don't even need to give a web site it is the number one spot in the search engine. I did this for several miles. I am going to try to think about what I heard again and see If I can take it as being someone else. I hear someone requesting my death all the way down the outer road and then sexual abuse, lots and lots of sexual abuse until agnus almost. I think I am going to take it personaly and not figuratively.

I was saying that this is what the police department wants me to be on the highway with you 48, 96 hours with sleep because of abuse. You have the privlege of driving I said I have a responcibility to drive without sleep on the streets with you. I talked about the cop how he had been abusive about how I didn't drive (near the h.e.b.), I never think to say anything about being stopped with spegetti sause because he had said something.


Your supposed to talk about how you should join the dex tracker comunity and how you should not write the buzz machines. recuitment if you will. I am looking for a good way to set up an archive. I am not sure that it will ever be a goup realy or if it is just mainly me grabbing some stuff off the internet

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