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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


adicted to oil

I was watching the presidents speech last night and don't really know what to think about the alternative energy part of it. Much less dramatic than last years we are addicted to oil. The danger is that food prices shoot up because we are after the wrong type of bio-matter. I did like the mention of switch grass but it requires a little bit more.... maybe the involvement of the highway department to get acreage, palm oil may work well beside the highways in some areas.. It may be as a country we have more drama with higher prices vs. lower prices.. The result is that oil prices went up because of the reserve increases..

Hopefully there is a job coming up, I am trying to not be doomed.... More fire ants... seems like the colony must be in the wall or they would not have been looking for new places to start fire ant hills in my apartment.. I am getting them in the shower allot.. freaks them out when I turn on the shower until I spray for them and then they disappear for a few days.

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