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Friday, January 26, 2007


big jokes

If said person is abusive and replays a website call myband/angelfire/edexter (the order may be wrong) can it be construed as retaliation for Dex Tracker.... I found issue number 30 in my closet, (angel came out of the closet she says) along with a resume that went up to the year 2000 that listed the music website along the apac as a place of employment, also a number of other items that could be used in a possible wrongful death case or murder case against the following companies.. apac, sitel, The city of corpus Christi. The big joke when it comes to some members of the corpus Christi police department in Texas is that you can be abusive and call someone a drug addict and that automatically means you are not doing it for citgo. I was told when I was working at sitel by an unidentified bell worker that it was an element of the communications workers that were doing the abuse stuff. I don't know if that is true or not because all of a sudden you have a lieing police officer, a terrorist attack, and citgo with an abusive attitude that they will murder whoever they wish because it is there right. I even had a corpus christi police officer tell me that a lie detector test isn't evidence... When I role play things in a way that isn't liked I get abuse quickly... no enforcement.. They don't seem to be deadly though unless it is an arranged accident..

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