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Monday, January 01, 2007


Cell phone blockers, detectors

I know when something is going on because of a cell phone jammer or something like a cell phone jammer. Saw this on msnbc because they were talking about why they no loner allow cell phones in a certain prison and how they find them. Electronic stalking.... I could walk around as a portable 'dead zone' making all your calls hang up on you. I would wonder why the military isn't using them to block cell phone detonations..




Sunbean (if I had the brand name right) for a short period of time had paper packaging for flouresent. GE finally has paper packaging. I have been freaking on the amount of plastic that is wasted with bulbs.. They now have the six pack at walmart for $10. Dumped paper from canada that can be recycled. Iran isn't dumping anything besides nuclear waste..

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