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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


death penality case

If you are crazy or someone is tixed off it goes something like this... http://effbot.org/zone/wck-3.htm three stands for the street where you tried to deal cocaine in 2001. wck stands for world center kill, tk3000 stands for the counts.

I would of course have to take a lie detector test about drugs but there is a cop who copped an attitude about lie detectors tests and how they are not evidence. I even offered to take a lie detector test about what is online. Here is what they did one of them started to get abusive from what sounds like the downstairs apartment behind me and the other one before he copped an attitude about the lie detector tests claims he has to do that to search my apartment for drugs. Clearly there is a problem but there is more. Before the lower paying job that tested me I get a bunch of abuse and it is about the drug trade and testing, at the other job (client not service I think) I get abuse about driving but no drug test and more money. I am not sure what the natural progression is if the corner stone of someone's defence for 3000 count of murder is about how the person who replayed throwing rocks at a police car is the only one who could roleplay the attack and stop it. In order to save them all he had to deal cocaine, in order to prevent the black man that I heard and not seen from kill me he had to deal drugs no choice.. exc. exc. exc..

I was being harassed last night and the guy was trying to get something to try to keep the 3000 count's away from him.... He asks (and this is a question I get harassed about alot) what do I think about the drug trade. State law reads that if you establish the responsibility for the commission of a crime in a jurisdiction it is yours. gratis, free gift.... Death penalty state. It is not if I would have stopped the attack it is about if he guarenteed it and it isn't a defence under state law that he is trying to commit a different more nobel crime.

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