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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


gtk and vista

The Microsoft people are claiming they read all the press about vista and Microsoft. I would suggest something because I noticed something annoying when I upgraded the gimp software. They recompiled various things into new .dll libraries so when you upgrade the gimp you end up with icon (or some such) that was incompatible with the bindings thereby making items made with gtk unable because it no longer had the entry points to the .dll. It would be good to be able to have backups of the old .dll's so when these screwballs upgrade stuff and the binding is broken it could look into a 'legacy' spot when an error was generated.. The other complaint is about python and having to recompile stuff to have it work with newer versions of python. I tried delta3d the other day.. I am thinking it is possible that they did not release the entire package. I didn't really see a python binding to it although it is rumored. The other problem is it's sure size and use of alot of formats that are not supported by many packages. They appear to pay their programmers and that is a hard thing to say negative things about.

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