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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


some software observations

I am almost ready to output a new version of dex tracker. One thing I noticed is that you can get rid of a program by killing it from the line up on the top i.e. there is a command line program that will get rid of this webpage goes something like this. command Blogger: dexrow - create Post.... You know the line above the menu options... Two programs that I noticed were aKill and that would go something like akill -k (then the line at top). This one seems to freeze my system and is 1.4 meg, It also has a pop up that lets you know it isn't registered and wants to know if you want to get rid of the program. very uncool. The second one is 3k but requires you to enter the entire string on top. Called wmclose by http://www.whitetown.com Looks like they are a programing house out of the Ukraine (or they are mis-represented). They claim you can find the handle of a window with spy ++ or wspy or winsite. They claim that WMclose /t "Notepad - Untitled" will get rid of the program. I misstyped it and have it as wmclose -k "Program title" (using os.system in python) It seems to generate an error for the -k part but gets rid of the program exactly like it should. Big improvement in appearance although it is hacked to say the least. They deal with databases and a little bit with spreadsheet formats.

speaking of spreadsheets I am adding support for editing in spreadsheets. Gnumeric support is already added. I also noticed there is something called open office by sun. Gnumeric has some code generating for certain types of maths, various random sequences for instance. I haven't looked to far into open office, It does claim it does data mining and probably has some unique features. Gnumeric has limited support for sliders, That could be interesting if I know why I would need one in a f line of csound code. Last but not least I was thinking about trying to test with microsoft excel. I am not sure where to get a temp copy though. excel as visual basic scripting support wich would add some interesting generation tools for scores. I am not sure what else that would add yet because the manpower training thing wont let me finish my last class yet.. temper mental (probably the java acting up).

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