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Friday, January 05, 2007


tyson and bio-fuel

The best thing for tyson to do is to remove alot of the uneeded oil from thier food. soybean oil is required in spaghetti sauce??? The bio-fuel stuff looks alot like last year and that looks alot like the year before. They are hoping for speculators to drive up chicken fat prices and their stock Here is some notes about the upcoming year in crop burning....

Tyson has announced a renewable fuels division. Part of it is to capture a buzz word.
From a business point of view it also gets rid of supply of a by-product. Chicken and
other fats. They are planning to mix it with soybean and other oils but just enough
to make it usable. They are saying one of the markets for chicken fat is soap believe it or not.
bio-diesel from trees, The gummy soap from Canada that clogs up your sink... That is right
dove soap... Get some environmentalists together and drive up the cost so that American
soap producers can compete.. Smithfield BioEnergy is said to have plans to turn hog waste into
energy.. The downside is that feed costs are going up because their is demand from fuels...

looking at the agae sources again... hydrogen from algae..

more anti-polution in high tempiture algae for oils in christian science monitor

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