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Sunday, January 28, 2007


various graphics libraries

I have some more success with installing more graphics libraries with python 2.5. ogre and python installed nicely, I also installed directpy. I do have some trouble with that one probily because the graphics card doesn't support it entirely. It was something that panda3d pointed out in it's documentation about graphics. I was forced to install pysco also. I also installed pyrex (another way to use c in python). It was released yesterday and it is hard to tell if it works or not because the windows version hasn't been updated. I downloaded blender also because ogre3d is using blender files (apparently anyway). It appears that it will not recognise an external version of python that isn't 2.4.. It can take some time to learn that... looks like most of the tools for ogre are written for .net and it requires a more recent version of directx that may not even be able to be used by windows users (the install thing isn't working with my compaq laptop anyway)... I would say it is useful for animation to film but not so useful for gaming. There is another framework that doesn't work with laptops well called pygame. They are expecting a more powerful graphics card.. That leave olg (if I have it right check with wxwindows) that I almost but not quite have installed with my program.. A hole with the gimp thing at 2.8 or something before the 3.0 version that would have to be recompiled to work with python 2.5. Very annoying because alot of your graphics libraries are tied to it.

The thing with ogre is that you have to copy the directories in src to the directory of the demo that you are running or it doesn't work. The thing I discovered with directpy has to do with the lesser cards on laptops where the demo with the island everything appears except the land..

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