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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


why dont you go to war.....

the same general approach as most hierarchical graph drawing programs, based on
the work of Warfield [War77], Carpano [Car80] and Sugiyama [STT81]. We refer
the reader to [GKNV93] for a thorough explanation of dot’s algorithms.

I am tramitised by the person who keeps asking me why don't I buy a car :) I think my job is to yell why don't you go to war.... north and some other people real (or real for the purpose of assigning credit) look like they started the documentation in march 2001.... A bunch of pdf files.. The dot language (graphviz package by att research).. I haven't got the url part of it working good yet.. dot is the only part that works well for pc... I am getting 18 errors involving printf's exc in lefty.. I may upload a new dex tracker tonight and then the updates and fixes will go up on the files part of a google board so that I keep control of distrubution and such..

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