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Saturday, February 24, 2007


box of stuff

I have a bunch of shirts amd cloths.. That is going to come in handy, After I get my $10 from j.c. pennies I will have to get rid of some of the worn out stuff in my closet. hopefully they have a 2 for $20 that I can have $10 off of.. My hand feels good today, sometimes I feel a little in my arm to.. no pain no problem except whatever damage to my handwriting, never was all that good anyway. I have been very fortunate the last couple of months..

I wore one of the new shirts down to the rental office.. why wear some shirt that I bought in 2002 after I returned..... well without description I always think about her when I wear the shirt and would never be able to wear it on a date or even to talk to an unintrested rental office chick..

cleaning out stuff from my closet how long do you keep some chicks makeup and such after she has left it in your apartment. A year should be a cutoff date, but it has been alot longer than that. She left some book by some charecter named laurence, some religious tome of sorts that I kept. Maybe I get some sort of strange clue about her. Life goes on and it is time to forget such strangeness. If there was anything of value I would just leave it.

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