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Saturday, February 17, 2007


cc library, how clinton will sabotage gm, forced investment

Thier is believe it or not a tax benifit that is posible with forced investment in local infrastructure that is not available when you use taxes. All of a suddon those shares can be plopped into a 401k and 100% deductable.. I would mention this because geo-thermal is a realy good cash cow for both taxes and the economy.. I wouldn't call it socialism because it is not worker orentated it is tax orentated..

What happens to gm's budget and profit and loss when clinton sinks the oil stocks with an alertenative energy tax... The same thing that happens to the tax base and alot of state budgets, pention fund goes back to underfunded.. better to have a simple gas tax than a profit tax.

List of magizines in the library.. Oil refineries as terrorist targets (on the cover), some enviremental magazine, more oil company stuff..

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