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Thursday, February 22, 2007


creepy car wrecks

Alot of people talking about wrecks.. I wouldn't have remembered the first one if it wasn't for the second one. Starting on the bus it sounds like people start driving out of elementary school and then we come up to a wreck and I saw a bunch of tree limbs first but I don't know that it had anything to do with it. Then I saw alot of police cars. I saw a wrecked truck and alot of fire engines. Then I saw the stretcher coming up to the car.. I heard did he know that was going to happen. What I didn't see was a body.

Trying an expierment partly because I think about who is coming to the apartment (posibly with cervical cancer) and then I am thinking about who I am working with through one of the temps. I then think about how they could be used to get perscription pain killers. I don't have that much pain but I am feeling it more or less. I put the television on a power strip, It will hopefully reduce the watage and keep some lame brained person (most likely cop or someone posing as) from using the remote to turn the set on and up loud and then enter the apartment to steal the drugs or do something else that doesn't involve doing a job. I don't have in the apartment. (I just use asprin and not very often at that. It is possible that all it will do is lower my electric bill, (standby power doesn't work if you through the switch)

I see in the freezer that some of the floor is very slick, a couple dollars at a junk yard would probily turn up some very good floor mats that would do the trick. That is something the omni is going to be dealing with also, except that they would hurt each other on purpose if it is like the way it is at work (or a portion of them would).

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