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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


drug source..

unidentified and unidentifiable reports possibly just making fun of the title of my site... I am hearing they are trying to frame us. I can't dispute this either because there seems to be an unwillingness to prosecute drug dealers combined with an unwillingness to take control of communication away from them. I don't have a location that has been mentioned but it works something like this.. Alot of abuse and then someone will approach you to sell you drugs. This is called self medication and then they will hurt you on purpose. This is how the reports I hear are told.. No location is mentioned. This doesn't mean testing is bad just that it seems to be Incorporated in a new type of crime.. I am not just hearing about it I have been approached with it but no one has tried to hurt me and then blame drugs or the drug war (instead of citgo because they are the other side of the trade when it comes to blame and Colombia). In fact the story I hear is that you get the extortion and abuse to sell drugs when the desire is to hurt someone and then it is followed by a test of the person they have intended to hurt.. (I would remark here that colombia and venzuala have had a border war and chavez is crazy so blaiming drugs for hurting someone may be part of his politics)


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