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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


flagerent insurance fraud 1/3 of all mental health claims are because of fraud

I have often warned about the dangers of the medical industrial complex and have talked about different kinds of insurance fraud that are practiced with the participation of the corpus christi police department. It is so flagrant that I am openly being harrased because I don't drive and locational skitaphrenia isn't good enough to steal federal or insurance money. In one case you have two possible stories The police department lost control of communication to drug gangs next to a military base (They are even retreating they lost the drug war so badly) or they are helping the catholic church make money off of the hospital they sold them (complete with mental health and drug treatment programs).

Does it bother irish people to medicate brits illegally. Does it bother an organisation that runs a Private school to harass someone who went to the brown vs board school district. No racism is practiced in the open. In the old days they used to market tobacco to children who went to desegregated schools. I digress but I am collecting a reward one way or the other..

here are some quotes about insurance fraud

"About one‐third of outpatient psychiatric treatment is unnecessary, costing Medicare and Medicaid alone up to $185 million a year. With massive fraud also occurring in the private mental health insurance sector, some $336 million per year is being fraudulently spent by the mental health industry."

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