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Monday, February 26, 2007


geo-thermal do you mean wimp (google responce)

Txu buyout looks like a way to get local people who support the tobbaco industry. See witch ones try to use harrasment to try to get them customers..

western geothemal. I was looking up the symbal to try to find what they do.. Do you mean wimp was the responce that google gave me. Looks like a perfect vehicle to try to benifit from specualtion swings and even if they do have leases it doesn't look like they are doing anything with them.

ugth U.S. geothermal this is another company from canada. stock ticker looks like a cartoon cussword. Looks like they are realy building something. stock is around 1.20 a share. looks like they have some sort of contract with ida (they would get into trouble using thier name without permission one would hope)

sragf siera geothermal "with partial funding of US$580,000 by the US Department of Energy's GRED III program." This could like;y be the greed program and they are listed as doing exploritory work with no income 55 cents a share is the listing price they are also from canada.

nglpf nevada geothermal This is another canadian company could be o.k. the area to check is what they claim to have in or a gun (make sure they are not going to rob you this way or a gun)

raser tek. A copyright company with two leases. I don't understand what they do stay away from it. Probily in favor of lawsuit abuse.

ora oramat profitable company that pays a dividend and has local leases. I don't know if the multiple is a little high or not. They build equipment and own and run plants.


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