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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


income is cheaper not that exciting

The market doesn't seem that exciting. I am still looking for news on xmsr that would indicate a lower price.. There is nothing I can think of that is doomed although some people would suggest vonage. buying income is cheaper as of yesterday that is all it was a sale. frank is promoting me to manager... manager of what.. My own burger king somewhere in west texas.. Manager of the security company so I can keep all of them in line. Alot of different people are washing dishes, even when I am on shift....

When you are looking at different crimes drugs and prost... are both listed a being the same group of people.. On the internet they are describing using drugs or creating a gambling problem as a way to further the prost..... I disagree with alot of (mad money type) people and I think you should grab a large basket of stocks with nothing bigger than 5% of your portfolio and you can have risk with .5% and it doesn't do much to your return.. I am doing income though and I hold for years.

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