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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


more geo-thermal notes and corperate theries


this map isn't all that good and you will notice that the data indicates that discovery and research is still under way..


"The greatest amount of data available for thermal assessment actually comes from the many wells drilled by the oil and gas industry. The earliest large survey of this type was conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, with data and analysis being provided by 23 oil and gas companies and universities. This 1976 North American survey extended from Canada south into Central America. Maps that displayed bottom hole temperature (BHT) readings and calculated subsurface geothermal gradient were generated as part of the study, as well as a digital dataset.

More recently, the Texas Renewable Energy Resource Assessment of 1995 generated a summary map of possible geothermal resource areas along with likely uses (Valenza, 1995). This map showed three types of geothermal areas within the state: hydrothermal; geopressured; and hot dry rock. The entire state has the potential for ground source (geothermal) heat pumps, and many areas have sufficiently hot waters that can be tapped for various direct use industries. Electrical energy production was given a low potential in the state due to the lack of shallow heat plumbs that can be tapped in similar manner to other areas around the world. However, Erdlac and Swift (2004) contend that there is a huge potential for electrical power generation as well. This can be accomplished by the conversion of deep, depleted gas wells from the oil and gas industry into geothermal extraction wells for electrical energy production. This approach was originally given the name "Deep Permeable Strata Geothermal Energy" (DPSGE) because of the deep reservoirs within deep sedimentary basins, like the Permian Basin, that lie within the proper temperature range for extracting hot water for power generation. "

When you are talking about cooperate stuture.. We are all capitalists like those environmental spi (es Scottish power inc.), not Communists like the people that export natural gas. A combination of city and county owned land into tracts that are available for drilling in exchange for shares and then maybe a 1% electric tax that is returned in the form of shares. Most likely it will slow the rise of electric rates by diversifying away from natural gas. The best thing to do is ignore environmentalists who don't want you to look around thier refineries.. It replaces natural gas because natural gas is going to get expensive. The so-called environmental electric is a scam to get you to pay higher rates because wind-power is going to be less expensive than natural gas and their are other laws to add it to the states electric mix.. Through a combination of tax and selling leases it may be possible to finance some of the projects and give a rate of return to the "investors"


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