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Monday, February 12, 2007


more on the sperion cross-dressing scandal

The sperion people are mad that I wouldn't cross dress in front of the liberty tax agency like they are being paid to do. sperion for those who don't know will come up in a screen of companies under $10 that are 70% owned by institutions (Refered to as 70% institutionalisd by those in the know). They are scolding me telling me they told me what it was exc exc.. I told them I wasn't going to cross-dress and asked them if they believed that was the sort of example they wanted to show kids because that is what the guy is doing. She is telling me that some people may feel that way and then she is defending his right to do that. Unless they believe thier is a terrorist attack and are trying to get a wiretap on a pervert I am not realy sure what they are trying to do.


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