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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


the nano bulbs are coming

This is a welcome way to get the lower watt's but not the best way to gets some of our electric back. There is standby electricty used by many apliances and if the wall outlet refuses the electricty to go through then walah..

back in the day you could get 8 watt flouresent bulbs but the drawback was that they didn't last as long and they used more mercury. How much mercury is there from burning coal in the envierment now because of those extra 4 or 1 watts for the more popular bulbs?? That is anyones guess but now the nano bulbs are coming. Last month one company announced that they would start shipping in 60 days to buisness. They are 65 and 75 watt equilivent bulbs using some nano-tek and led tek. I don't see any info on watage except for a 20watt equil for 3.5 watts. This is another example of why it isn't sacrifice we need to reduce electricty use it is tek and common sense.


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