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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


new 911 stuff from march 2001 and befour..

This is page 100 of computer music magazine.. If you have the disk you of corse have all the 11 effects and 9 instruments and place where airplanes go and hijact along with all that are online (or soon to be online)

Here is the headline or biline or whatever

get carter and and don't let him off the hook, he'll get into a slo funk and try his voice fusion but your new cuts and killer tweaks can take care of all that.....

This is of corse nonsence in the context of music content but fills some space..

sample cds.

ron carter: bass Phrazes (I notice this because the producer of phrazer died 911 if I recall right and phazer is mentioned twice in the magazine)
off the hook (I see this twice but don't see any meaning)
next two sample disks don't seem to be relevent as far as I can tell

NY CUT Z off da hook volume 2 (pairs seem to be common here)

killer tweaks analog fx (this is also mentioned in issue16 from sometime in 2000)

"These Roland system-100 and sh-09 produced samples have been neatly divided into 11 catagories"

On the bottem all the way across is

Verdict and a number

also of note is reason software... Just add one letter T (Treason)
phrazer software is on page 78 and reason is on page 19..

Maybe there is a reason.. who would be off the hook???


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